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The Singing Mermaid

The Singing Mermaid
11 January 2019
Little Angel Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

As you might know, I love the Little Angel Theatre for children’s shows. They put on such beautiful productions of well loved kids books. And this one is no different!

If you’ve read The Singing Mermaid, you know it’s a very charming tale about appreciating what you have and persevering to reach your goals.

This production works with gorgeous puppets of the characters, including sea birds, singing mussels, the titular mermaid and her dancing friend, and more. Of course there’s also the evil Sam Sly who imprisons the mermaid to be an attraction in his circus, and to make lots of money. There always has to be a baddie after all.

The story is very true to the book, which the kids of course absolutely loved, and so beautifully done. I love the magic of puppetry to bring storybook characters to life. We enjoyed the show so much, we booked to go see it a second time just a few weeks later. This is the best kind of children’s entertainment you’ll find for your little ones!

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