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The Cloak And Dagger Tour

The Cloak And Dagger Tour
25 November 2018
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Sunday night I got to attend The Cloak And Dagger Tour in Southwark, a slightly different history tour and theatre that seeks to highlight the lives of the common people and delves into the gritty parts of history.

We gathered at the historically significant and interesting George Inn, a gorgeous and sprawling pub with many different rooms, a restaurant, a heated outside patio with its own bar, and undeniable historic charm, a brilliant location for a history tour.

Our guide welcomed everyone and then took us on a walking tour around Southwark, giving us gritty details of life a thousand years ago, when the city of Southwark was established, and glimpses into the life of common people in the centuries since. The tour was very well done, with gory details, funny anecdotes, and plenty of stories to paint a vivid picture of days long past.

The tour lasted about an hour and a half, after which we returned to the George Inn to get some refreshments and watch the show that this tour ends with, immersing the visitors in a scene that happened right here, in the George Inn!

Armed with the knowledge we gained on the tour, the scene acted out for us was a great way to wind down and really get into the history of London’s inhabitants.

I’ve done many walking tours in the past, but this one truly stands out as it focuses on the everyday kind of history of the common people, rather than focusing on kings and queens, illustrating what life was really like in the past. Lovingly researched and presented, the Cloak And Dagger Tour is absolutely fantastic, informative, filled with disgusting details, and a whole lot of fun! I can definitely recommend this.

I’m rating it four and a half stars, and look forward to seeing this little company expand its repertoire!

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