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Omescape – VR Huxley

VR Huxley
20 November 2018
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was asked by Love Popups London to try out Omescape‘s newest VR Game, Huxley, in return for a blog post, so I headed over to Aldgate to give this game a try! Here’s their game description:

It is 3007 AD, the world as we know it has gone forever and mankind has been replaced by the machines. Everything we knew, we loved, we experienced has been destroyed and your small band, the last remaining survivors of humanity, have a final mission to find and help HUXLEY.
You have the skills and ability to succeed – knowledge, skills, agility, problem-solving ideas, adrenaline, spirit and the will to survive.
Can you reverse the Apocalypse in 44 minutes? Let’s find out!

So, after a short introduction we were familiarised with the gear and how it works, before being strapped into the futuristic VR tech. This is a walk-about game, unlike the previous VR game we tried at the other Omescape location, Mind Horror, which was a sit down game. I much prefer the game play of this walk about VR experience, as it’s much more immersive and easier to control.

We were grouped into two by two, to spread out over two play areas. In the game itself, all players are often in the same space, so the splitting into pairs helps avoid players constantly running into each other.

You control your avatar by walking and turning, moving your head to look around, and using a single, large trigger on the handheld controllers to grab and hold things. All of this is super easy to learn and apply and makes this game really fun to play!

I don’t want to give any of the plot away, so won’t go into detail, however, as with the other VR game, the tasks are quite simple and not too hard to figure out and complete, so this isn’t a difficult game to solve. It’s more about enjoying the novelty and beauty of the game play, story, and graphic design.

We managed to fulfil our mission in just over 40 minutes and had a whole lot of fun doing so! This VR experience is definitely fun and exciting, so go give it a try if you’re curious and love new adventures!

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