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Divine Proportions

Divine Proportions
27 September 2018
Vaults Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I went back to my favourite London venue, The Vaults, to experience the wonderful immersive dining event Divine Proportions, with Love Popups London. The evening was themed after mytholigical gods and goddesses with the promise of a divine five course dining journey. I’ve been to a few dining events at the Vaults and they never disappoint!

We were started off with some delicious, freshly baked bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip while we were waiting for the show to start. A few of the entertainers were mingling and warming up the audience before the fun began with a beautiful sing song performance and the introduction of Dionysus, the god of mischief, embodied by the gorgeous Leah Kirby, who would lead us through this evening of debauchery.

Once seated in the upstairs dining room, we were treated to bowls of appetizers. Olives, kapers, pickled onions, all to whet our appetite for what was to come. The actors created a sizzling atmosphere around us with plenty of interactions and performances.

The next goddess we were introduced to was the stunning Aphrodite, who introduced herself through a fun little burlesque number that really made the room open up and sing along. All the confetti and glitter and silliness just added to the perfect ambience.

The next course was a fish dish, I’m usually not a big fan of seafood, so was a bit weary of this one. The seaweed salad just wasn’t for me, but the shaved fennel and pink sea bass ceviche were very delectable, even for someone who doesn’t like fish very much. A great little starter, the food at these events is always so well thought out and wonderfully prepared.

The main course was absolutely delicious, with caramel potatoes, carrots and beets, celeriac, romanesco hearts, balsamic pearls and guinea fowl breast. I’ve never tried guinea fowl before, it does taste a lot like chicken, sorry, and was a little on the dry side. But the red wine sauce and finely spiced skin absolutely made up for it and rounded off this dish. The potatoes were the best part and just so creamy, soft and delicately flavoured. A delight for the taste buds!

The audience was encouraged to open up and share what pleasures they most longed for, as well as asked to reach deep inside and love themselves through beautiful speeches and interactions. It was all so very well done, we really got to fully enjoy the evening.

Then it came to dessert, and what a dessert it was! White chocolate, coconut milk and honey ganache, perfectly created with the consistency of panna cotta and a delicately rich coconut flavour, it was very sweet but so delectable, a truly divine experience to round off this gorgeous dinner.

Lastly, Persephone came up from the underworld to delight us with a wild performance and to collect our souls, of course. The storyline was flimsy, but it worked for an entertaining evening. And paired with the fantastic feast, it really made for a wonderful evening.

All in all, a fantastic experience that’s not to be missed! Definitely get yourself down to Divine Proportions to experience the loving madness for yourself. And make sure to dress in all the gold and sequins you can find, an extravagant evening awaits you!

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  1. Emily 2 October 2018

    Great post – a really cool experience! And I’m loving your rainbow sloth ratings system!

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