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AIM Escape – Spy Heroes

Spy Heroes
23 August 2018
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

We were invited to beta test AIM Escape‘s new high tech room Spy Heroes for free in return for feedback for the company, so we headed over to give it a go.

The premise of the room is quite exciting:

You’re going undercover. Your friend James has gone off-grid and you need to check if he’s OK. You swing by his restaurant – the lights are on but James isn’t home. Inside the door slams shut, trapping you inside. James liked his security high end. A note on the table tells you that James is actually an international spy – this is all a cover for his espionage escapades. It’s his HQ and he has been snatched by the henchmen of his evil arch enemy – Mr. Supervillain. You must solve all the puzzles and clues in the room and deploy the huge array of gadgets to save your super-spy pal. As well as hardware and gizmos, you’ll need to think with the cunning of an ace agent – logic, speed and daring are required.

Sounds super fun, right? And it really was! We quickly set to work trying to find clues and solve puzzles. Everything falls into place easily, though some of the games are quite difficult to master.
Some of the gadgets and puzzles were very high tech and absolutely different to the standard stuff you see in most rooms, it was really exciting to find great tech wizardry and fun elements to play with.

This room was super dynamic, fun, different, and exciting. We absolutely loved it and of course escaped with some time to spare.

A few tech elements didn’t work quite right yet, but seeing as it was just a beta test, that was to be expected.

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