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Gingerline – The Chambers Of Flavour 3

The Chambers Of Flavour 3
10 May 2018
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Recently, I was invited to come along to Gingerline‘s The Chambers Of Flavour 3 with Love Pop Ups London, so I headed up to their secret location to find out what this spectacle is all about.

Upon arrival we were asked about dietary needs, as this company awesomely tries to cater to all needs. So if you or your friends or family have any dietary restrictions, just let them know when you book tickets and they’ll look after you! We were given a welcome drink and some instructions for the evening. I can’t share too much as everything about this project is top secret, but I’ll do my best to convey how amazing this adventure was.

This blend of immersive theatre and fine dining comes with an intriguing storyline and amazing set, so much attention to detail and opportunities for participation are built into it, it is an absolute delight to attend. From the moment we arrived, all actors were in character, providing entertainment along the way. You have to order your drinks for the approximately 2hr experience ahead of time, so first of all you’ll want to pop to the bar, select from their great offerings of themed cocktails and assorted beverages, which will be prepared and handed to you at the beginning of your dining adventure, so go ahead and order as soon as you arrive.

Once you’ve done that, you will want to watch the instructional video. There are several booths with headphones where you can do that, it’s just a short introduction into what’s to come and gives you a little bit of an idea of the storyline for the evening. After that, drop your coats and bags off at the coat room, including phones of course, as you won’t need them inside and will definitely want your hands and pockets free for maximum comfort and movability.

There are several warnings before your time slot starts, and when it is finally called, the adventure is set to begin! After a short briefing, we were thrown right into the adventure with a beautifully done instructional experience in the first room. It only got better from there and I really wish I could share the details, as the sets, story, and of course the thematic food were all absolutely stunning and so much fun to go through, but as it’s all hush hush, you’ll just have to trust my judgment here.

We were treated to six amazing courses of food, all prepared to match the room experience they were provided in, and given plenty of opportunities to interact with the characters and participate in the story. The actors were fantastic at adjusting to the mood and feedback of the group, pushing us all to join in more, to make our experience truly immersive. And even the dishes provided were given little back stories to match the room and adventure.

It was an absolute deligt to be part of this and I am definitely coming back for the next installment! If you haven’t tried Gingerline’s foodie adventures yet, you absolutely must grab a ticket, I promise you will not regret it. I’m definitely a fan!

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