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Hidden City – Moriarty’s Game

Moriarty’s Game
05 May 2018
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Having played The Hunt For The Cheshire Cat previously, I had to try out another Hidden City game. We opted for Moriarty’s Game by Hidden City and headed out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to master this challenge.

Hidden City provide self-guided games that work through messages on your phone, no app necessary, and take you through certain parts of London to explore the city and find places you might never have been before, all while solving riddles, following clues, interacting with shop owners and bar staff, and completing fun challenges.

Here’s the premise for Moriarty’s Game: Professor James Moriarty invites you to take part in a new cryptic challenge: in teams of up to four people solve a trail of clues which he has personally prepared. Explore exhibitions celebrating contemporary architecture, drink in Georgian public houses, scrutinise 15th century art in a Mayfair townhouse and finally find his safehouse to receive an offer.

It all starts in a central London pub, where staff help you get your game started. From there, we followed the clues to solve Moriarty’s challenges. I don’t want to give too much away, but along the way we were tasked with finding interesting locations, wandering around Mayfair and discovering shops and pubs that we’d never been before, and all the little clues and interactions were so well done. You go at your own pace and can try to race through or, like us, take your time to take in the sights and enjoy a nice afternoon with friends.

There are several breaks at pubs where you have the chance to have a few drinks or a light meal before heading out to the next game. As it is self-guided and you can choose how long you want to take a break, it’s really chill and fun, not forcing you to race through the experience. Several times we had to interact with bar staff, and it was all very well done and professionally handled. None of the challenges were very difficult, it’s more like a fun scavenger hunt through Mayfair.

We all really enjoyed the experience and made the most of it. Definitely make sure you grab a good group of friends you like to hang out with and just make it a fun afternoon. There could have been a few more intense challenges, but overall it was really fun.

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