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Escape London – Taken

03 May 2018
Escape London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Courtesy of Love Pop Ups London I got to try Escape London‘s Taken room at their Shadwell location. We did this one the same night we did Escape The Seven Seas, we had so much fun we just couldn’t stop after just one room!

Again, Kris gave us a short introduction to the theme of the room. Our friend “Bob” has gone missing and we’re following clues to try to find him, have we unexpectedly wandered into the office of a serial killer?

This room is cleaner, with less of an immersive theme than the pirate room, but with more lighting (yay, we could see everything properly) and a higher pressure feel to it. We immediately set to task to find clues and solve puzzles, there is a lot to do in this small looking room and everything is well placed and easy to find. I personally found the puzzles in this room less immersive and theme-adhering than the pirate room, but some of them were definitely more challenging.

From beginning to end, this room kept us on our toes, with a scary feel to it and some unexpected gimmicks pleasantly surprising us. It’s definitely a well done room with a good cohesive theme.

Props and room design could use some TLC to bring them to the next level, though everything was still well done and worked as intended. Taken is definitely a more streamlined and high-pressure room than Seven Seas, but both were a lot of fun to play.

Another four stars for a really well designed room with some great secrets to discover.

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