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Escape London – Escape The Seven Seas

Escape The Seven Seas
03 May 2018
Escape London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Courtesy of Love Pop Ups London, I got to try out Escape London‘s Escape The Seven Seas room, and what a ride it was!

The six of us were welcomed by Kris, who was super friendly and chatty and an absolute pleasure to talk to. After a short introduction, she led us into the pirate room and got us started on our adventure of the day. Locked into two separate cells, we had to escape the prison, find our way to the captain’s chamber, find the treasure and escape with it!

This room is super hands-on and so much fun to go through. All puzzles make a lot of sense and there is a lot to do. Maybe having six people in the room is pushing it a bit though, as the space is limited. Our biggest issue however, was the extremely low mood lighting. Which it’s great to give the room a creepy you’re-locked-inside-a-pirate-ship kind of feel, it’s just way too dark to even see most of the puzzles and locks. We repeatedly had to use the torch on our smartphones to even be able to see the combinations on the padlocks.

Aside from the lighting being turned way too low, this room is an absolute pleasure to work through! So many pirate themed puzzles and games to figure out, a lot of items to find and discover, and some tricks and tools I have never before seen used in escape rooms. Nothing felt forced or too far fetched, it was exciting and fun to find and solve all the challenges. If anything, I’d say some of the puzzles are too simple and easy to solve, but others were quite a challenge to get right.

The props are still in very good condition, setting a great mood. It is obvious that a lot of love and passion went into creating this particular room. We definitely enjoyed our time and managed to escape in a fun and action packed 46 minutes!

The only problem is the lighting being too low, so it’s four stars from me!

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