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Modern Fables – The Escapist

The Escapist
07 March 2018
Modern Fables London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Last night I was treated to another brilliant escape game experience through love popups london, this time we were headed to Modern Fables in South Bermondsey.

Just finding the location of this room is a little adventure in and of itself! I’m sure it’s quite different in the daylight, but arriving at South Bermondsey after dark, I had to follow the directions given by Modern Fables to walk along dimly lit paths and underpasses. While the directions were very good and it was easier to find than expected, it was still somewhat creepy on my own. This did set the tone for the mysterious and dark theme of this room though.

The Escapist is the name of Lavinias bar, but she has disappeared after leaving her friend Alfie in charge. Not having heard from her in too long, he is worried and wants us to find out what happened to her. Our quest begins in the bar, where we quickly find our first clues.

From there we are swept up into a Lovecraftian tale of mystery and the occult. With plenty of riddles, clues and objects to find, there was enough for our large group to do without anyone feeling left out.

The props are really well done and I loved some of the secret passages and the ways they open!

This adventure is quite text heavy, so make sure you have a few good readers on board. The only niggle I have is that the ending seems quite abrupt without really wrapping up the story, that can definitely be improved upon. Other than that it’s a really fun escape room and a must for all Lovecraft and Cthulhu fans!

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