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The Grift

The Grift
07 February 2018
Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Yesterday I accompanied Love Popups London to try out the new immersive adventure The Grift at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. This event is advertised as an immersive, site-specific experience that’s part theatre and part game, a very apt description of what we were treated to during our visit.

We arrived at the beautiful hotel at the designated check-in time of 19:30 and were sorted into one of four colour-coded groups before being led to a large suite where a bar was set up for us. As other guests arrived we gathered into our colour groups, socialising while we waited for the show to start. At 8pm as short introduction speech and a video presentation immersed us in the story and explained what was happening; a life-long resident of the hotel, Ben, had recently died and invited all of us to fulfil his last wish, conning the man who took money from all his loved ones. For this purpose, we would need to learn short con tricks to become hotel hustlers and pull off the large scale deception at the end.

Our team was sent on a wild clue hunt throughout the hotel building, meeting a group of characters, the grand children of Ben’s loved ones, who gave us riddles and puzzles to solve and taught us different swindling bluffs that we then had to pull off to gather everything we needed for our big con at the end. 

I do think the teams could have been a bit smaller, a maximum of six people would have guaranteed that everyone gets to participate in tricks and games, we had nine people in our team which seemed quite crowded. Other than that it was really well done and I enjoyed the experience a lot. I definitely recommend trying it out if you like immersive theatre and escape rooms!

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