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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book
07 February
Richmond Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was lucky enough to be given tickets for The Jungle Book at Richmond Theatre during their UK tour of a new and unique musical. I thought the flyer and website made it look quite exciting, so I headed out to see it for myself.

The first thing that struck me on the colourful, yet simplistic, stage was the variety and brightness of the costumes and the diversity of the stunning cast. Keziah Joseph as Mowgli was the perfect choice, as she bounded across the stage belting out fun and powerful songs, so much energy and passion are inspiring to watch. With Mowgli’s best friends, the strong and graceful Bagheera, played amazingly by Deborah Oyelade, and the bumbling, comfortable Baloo, brought to cuddly life by Dyfrig Morris, the trio was an absolute delight to watch.

Rachel Dawson stunns as the elegant, luxurious Kaa while the perfect villain Shere Khan, portrayed with so much swagger by Lloyd Gorman, stalks his prey. The score by Joe Stilgoe is fresh and fun, giving each character plenty of spotlight to showcase their stunning voices.

Peter Mckintosh has designed a delight for the eyes with very 80s inspired costumes and a beautiful set that serves so many purposes without being imposing or distracting. Directed by Max Webster, this new production is so much fun to watch, high energy and not a single dull moment make this the perfect family show.

Definitely catch The Jungle Book while you have a chance, it’s too much fun to miss.

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