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No Escape – Escape The Dentist

Escape The Dentist
02 February 2018
No Escape London
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was invited to try No Escape London‘s Escape The Dentist room with Love Popups London, and as someone with a severe dentist phobia, I just had to challenge myself to try it out.

This company is located in a tiny room atop a set of tiny staircases above a tattoo shop above an off-license on Oxford street. As there is absolutely no signage, your first task is just finding the place! A sign or two downstairs really wouldn’t hurt.

Once you find it, there is a tiny little waiting room, barely large enough to fit a team. We were actually made to wait on the stairs, which is a challenge in itself as they’re so narrow, because the previous team hadn’t left yet and there was not enough space in the waiting area. So this is definitely a tiny escape room!

I was hoping the waiting room would be more like a dental surgery’s reception, which would have fit so well with the theme! There was indeed a little glass box with a plethora of resin teeth though, nicely setting the mood for what was to come!

The dentist’s room itself, where the escape game is located, does look like a very antiquated dental surgery, with very old dental equipment, furniture and books. It’s very well set up, but some of the equipment seems a bit “well loved” and fragile, so we felt a little worried about touching some of the items.

The clues and puzzles are pretty run-of-the-mill find the number to open the lock type puzzles. Not extremely challenging, but not super simple either. It’s more a scramble to find the right items and less a brain power exercise. The fear factor is definitely well done though, with amazing props and even locks on gruesome decorations that some of our contestants refused to get close to; you’ll definitely need some less squeamish people in your team to get past those challenges!

Unfortunately our room wasn’t properly reset and one of the locks was left open. As such we found the exit key way too early and were told to go back and try to solve the rest of the riddles, which threw us off our game a bit and just seems really unprofessional. On a less vital puzzle, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but on the final lock, it really is a big deal and shouldn’t happen. And the staff could have handled this better by apologising rather than blaming us for intentionally skipping puzzles… So a very low rating on customer service here!

All in all I’d say it was a decent escape room with a very different theme and well done horror effects. It’s more a beginners to mid-range room as far as difficulty levels go. I’d have liked to see some more cohesive riddles and puzzles and a bit more of a story line. Still, It’s a fun one to try!

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  1. lovepopupslondon 4 February 2018

    I am pleased it was not a real dentist. Was a fun escape room even though the corpse was scary.

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