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Unlock Parliament

Unlock Parliament
06 January 2018
Palace Of Westminster
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

An escape room type experience in the Palace of Westminster? Secret agent and spy themed twist to a session teaching the progression of passing a bill into law? Sounds like quite a unique experience, so I got a small group together to go check out Unlock Parliament by Agent November.

Once we passed through all the security procedures to get into the houses of parliament, we were picked up in the main hall and led to the room where Unlock Parliament takes place. The experience accommodates up to 12 people, so you’ll likely be thrown into a large group with strangers, which is what happened to the four of us. Everyone is given a new identity as a member of parliament and the basic rules and premises are established.

Agent N wants a new surveillance bill passed into law and needs our help to make it happen. The bill is gratuitous and of course needs to be amended, read to the house and eventually signed by the Queen. Each step along the way requires us to solve riddles and puzzles pertaining to the material at hand to help the bill move to the next stage.

While being a very exciting puzzle game experience, it is also a lesson on how the houses of parliament and the passing of a new bill work in real life, but taught in an exciting, interactive way. With so many puzzles to solve and clues to find at the same time, everyone had plenty to do despite the large group size. We definitely had a fantastic time and managed one of the best times of the short run of this experience.

I’d definitely recommend Unlock Parliament to anyone interested in how the creation and passing of a new law works, fond of escape room experiences, or just interested in trying something different and new. We had a lot of fun.

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