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Dante’s Divine Comedy

Dante’s Divine Comedy
06 September 2017
Barons Court Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Barons Court theatre at the Curtains Up hosts small theatre productions in its cozy downstairs pub theatre. This week they are showing Dante’s Divine Comedy by So It Goes Theatre and I was lucky enough to go see this amazing production.

I was a bit skeptical, as Dante’s divine comedy is such an epic poem, I wasn’t sure how well it would translate to the small stage. But I was proven thoroughly wrong! This small theatre troupe absolutely stunned me with their imaginative and emotional production.

A mix of modern media, passionate choreography, and fantastic acting, this play was a delight to watch and wonderfully brought the epic to the stage. The cast is extremely strong in their acting and swiftly made the tiny stage space feel vast and brimming with excitement. The video projections, creative lighting, and brilliant use of simple costumes and large personalities was positively stunning.

This production swept me away and had me reeling with emotions. I thoroughly loved it.

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