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Popup Escapes

The Case Of The Dynamo Diamonds
14 August 2017
Popup Escapes at The Dynamo
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We got to preview the new Putney based puzzle room Popup Escapes to beta-test the setup and story. Before tackling the puzzles, we had dinner at The Dynamo, which hosts this popup experience in their basement. After delicious pizza and a few drinks we were ready to go.

The theme of this escape room is quite fun, a quote from their website: 

The police are baffled by “The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds”, so can you solve the clues, unravel the riddles, master the challenges, and escape the room by revealing the master thief’s accomplice and finding the five stolen diamonds hidden in the criminals’ HQ.

As we got the beta-testing experience, things weren’t a hundred percent yet, which I’m absolutely considering in this review. Some of the props were still handmade placeholders, but everything worked as intended, so there weren’t any major snags or issues.

The organiser popped in a few times to make sure things were working properly, but it was in a very unobtrusive way and didn’t distract us from our tasks.

There are A LOT of puzzles to work on and many hidden hints and tools to find. Logic puzzles, skill tests, map reading, geography knowledge, teamwork and missing-item hunts were all part of this really well designed small room. It flowed very well and we never felt lost or stumped as there was always something to work on or we’d find new items that helped solve puzzles.

As a team made up of veterans as well as newbies to the escape room concept, we made our way through every challenge with something to do or contribute for every team member. We beat our other team’s time by just a few minutes and emerged victorious and extremely satisfied with the experience. 

This popup is a well thought out and brilliantly constructed room with fun challenges for all ages and abilities, I definitely recommend trying it out while it’s there!

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