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clueQuest – Operation BlackSheep

Operation BlackSheep
10 August 2017
clueQuest London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Last night we got to play clueQuest‘s Operation BlackSheep through Love Popups London, I have previously played their Plan 52 room and it was fantastic, so I was very much looking forward to trying this room.

This time round, you have to help Mr. Q by destroying a mind controll satellite. Our team started out in a narrow hallway with only a few locks and clues around, but we quickly worked our way through to adjoining rooms and more puzzles to solve.

The props are top notch, especially for a company that’s been around for so long, and the puzzles are very logically structured. There is plenty to do for a full team and no one got bored or felt left out. Some elements in the rooms were quite surprising and a lot of fun.

This adventure definitely relies on logic, structure and teamwork more than anything else. We did get ahead of ourselves a few times, trying to work out things that we didn’t have all information on yet, but we never got frustrated or annoyed as there are so many fun things to do.

We ended up getting one radio-message, but not needing any clues. This escape game is super well designed and a joy to work out! Great storyline, great puzzles, lots of team work opportunities, the whole team really enjoyed it.

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