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The Hunting Of The Snark

The Hunting Of The Snark
26 July 2017
Vaudeville Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The delightful children’s story The Hunting Of The Snark made a stop in London and I just had to go and see it! Based on the wonderful stories by Lewis Carroll, this play is absolutely delightful. Driven by a highly energetic four-piece cast, the play follows a group of adventurers on their hunt for the legendary Snark, a mythical creature that lives on Snark island. On the way we learn about the importance of family, friendship and team work.

With beautiful songs and absolutely committed actors, this musical was an absolute delight to watch. The bright and colourful stage design with brilliantly simplistic but effective costumes was enchanting. I was especially impressed with the cast who all gave their all and had great stage presence. The children in the audience were absolutely glued to their seats and the adults seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

I had a great time at this show, highly recommend it for families with younger children.

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