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Hans: Mein Camp

Hans: Mein Camp
25 July 2017
Udderbelly Festival
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I booked tickets to see Hans: Mein Camp anyway, I mean, with a title like that, what could go wrong!

After we all filed into the spiegeltent at the Underbelly Festival, I was ready for a campy, colourful show. And boy, did Hans deliver!

Hans is the faux-German glitter persona created by Adelaide performer Matt Gilbertson. With fabulous outfits, sparkling makeup and a terribly cliché German accent, he sets the stage on fire! 

This singing, tap-dancing, accordion playing superstar is just what we need in a world full of turmoil. Razor sharp wit and a bright stage persona, Hans demands that we party like 1939! But without the war and fascism and all that nonsense. Riffing on current political affairs, popular culture and of course members of the audience, this sequined riot brought us to tears with laughter. 

Wild, unafraid, flirtatious and absolutely fabulous, Hans was an unstoppable force of counter-offensiveness towards outdated prudishness and intolerance. Lock up your husbands and sons, Hans is out to take the world by storm, and to make it markedly more fabulous in the process!

I absolutely loved this show, hilarious and never dull.

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