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Angels In America 

Angels In America
28 June 2017
National Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I missed out on the first batch of Angels In America tickets due to their abysmal booking system and the weirdness of having more dates for part one than part two. I definitely wanted to see both but gave up eventually because the booking system kept throwing me into queue after queue. So, when more tickets for additional dates were released, I pounced and grabbed seats for a double play Wednesday. Luckily I was able to take the day off work as well, I had banked on that by buying the tickets before taking time off.

There was much excitement once the day finally came. An all-star cast with Andrew Garfiel, Russell Tovey, Nathan Lane, Denise Gough and James McArdle sounded promising for this staging of Tony Kushner’s fantastical story.

Elaborately simplistic stage design was a perfect accompaniment to strong acting, leading the audience through a whirlwind of tragedy, repression, prejudice and fantasy. 

With two long plays, it was a very long day to spend at the theatre, the superb staging made the time fly by though; I couldn’t believe it when the first play, Millenium Approaches, came to an end and it was time for a lunch break already. 

After a good break with a nice meal and relaxing walk it was time for part two, Perestroika. The stage completely transformed, revealing stunning stage design and planning. Part two has a very different plot, going much darker and deeper than the more light hearted seeming first part. Gripping storytelling was brilliantly adorned with amazing stage effects, especially the angel wings were absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even pick out any of the actors for their performance as every single one of them was extremely strong in their acting, filling the stage with passion and commitment. An absolutely stunning performance from start to finish.

For only the second time in my life was I part of an immediate and complete standing ovation. Every single spectator seemed to just wait for the moment when they could jump out of their seats to applaud. This wasn’t a slow process where a few people stood up and more followed, it was an unreserved, passionate and fully deserved wave of appreciation going through the entire audience. 

Taken together, these two plays were one of the absolute best performances I have ever witnessed and I am so glad I was able to get tickets!

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