Live On Stage Musical

Our Ladies Of Perpetual Succour

Our Ladies Of Perpetual Succour
13 June 2017
Duke Of York’s Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was given the chance to see Our Ladies Of Perpetual Succour with seats right on the stage, so obviously I jumped at the opportunity. 

The stage is set up with a band on a raised platform set back in the middle, bar style seating on both sides, and space for the performers in the middle front of the stage. It’s a relatively simple setup that relies on acting and voices more than props and scenery. 
This musical follows six Catholic school girls who let lose on their choir’s day trip to Edinburgh. It’s wild, loud, raucous, and bright! 

The six friends narrate and belt out their intense stories and experiences, at times surprising, at times devastating, this powerful show is never dull. All six have very different voices and vocal strengths, but harmonise extremely well, which makes Our Ladies an absolute delight to listen to.

The story is fresh and relatable, with the histories and idiosyncrasies of each girl unfolding bit by bit, this unapologetically rude masterpiece on friendship is absolutely worth watching.

I really enjoyed the energy and impact of this theatre experience.

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