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Alice Underground

Alice Underground
29 April 2017
The Vaults
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I finally made my way to Alice Underground, an immersive theatre experience produced by Les Enfants Terrible at the Vaults. I had heard so much about how amazing it is, so I just had to give it a go.

The location was all decked out for the occasion, which I had seen just last week when I saw Miss Nightingale at the smaller theatre in the Vaults. Wonderland themed decorations and costumed actors entertained the crowds waiting for their time slot, we had a quick dinner of mac & cheese at the chip shop inside the waiting area before heading upstairs to the bar where a unicorn hosted a speed drawing competition, supported by a flamingo.

Already warmed up and in the mood for our immersive experience, we dropped our stuff at the coat check and joined the queue for our time slot. We were led down a corridor into a room decorated with old toys, books, radios, TVs, and assorted other knick knacks. We went exploring a bit until a woman appeared in the mirror and spoke to us. She couldn’t remember her name, but it was quite clear that it was Alice, introducing us to what was about to happen.

From there we made our way through an assortment of other rooms, I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll only say that you’ll get to choose Eat Me or Drink me, whereupon we got split up into different groups by way of suits of cards, all heading off to see different sides of the storyline.

We met many colourful characters along the way, interacting with them and becoming part of the plot. Everything was decorated so beautifully and the actors seemed to really enjoy their roles, spreading excitement and enthusiasm while urging us on through the fantastical wonderland.

We had so much fun taking part in this story and following the developments in the plot while being fully immersed in it. This experience is so well done, with a high production value and definitely worth the price tag!

Colourful and exciting with so much to see, I am definitely wanting to go back and try another path to see what the other suits of cards experience during this whirlwind performance.

There was more entertainment in the upstairs bar after our show and we left happy and content. This is one of the best immersive shows I’ve gotten to take part in so far.

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