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Codebreakers – Mission Breakout

29 March 2017
Mission Breakout London
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

A friend of mine organised a team to try Mission Breakout, a WWII themed escape room situated in an old, disused tube station. South Kentish Town station was closed in 1924 and was subsequently used as an air raid shelter when needed. The building alone is definitely worth a visit!

This room is fully immersive, which is fantastic. It all starts with your team donning uniform jackets and receiving a briefing; a spy has been sabotaging things, pretty standard stuff, so your team must find out who the spy is and intercept their efforts. To do this, you have to restart the power, find all the information and use the Enigma machine. Great stuff.

However, we had a team of six people and it seemed there was just about enough to do for three. At times we crowded around the same puzzle, desperate to find something to do; you’ll definitely need three people to finish this room, but six is absolutely too much unless your team enjoys watching more than doing.

One mistake we made was not thoroughly reading every bit of paper we found. There is A LOT of reading involved in solving this room, make sure to carefully read everything and share it with your group, it’s very important. Especially when it comes to the Enigma machine.

We did make it out in time and it was a fun, immersive experience, I can’t fault anything that was in this room, but the team limit of 6 people is definitely set too high. Take four people max for everyone to get the most out of it.

Still, it’s a well done theme and a beautiful setting and absolutely worth trying.

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