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Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales
07 March 2017
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

During our trip through Canterbury, we just had to give this one a go! The iconic Canterbury tales as a walk-through attraction! Tours run quite often and include a free audio guide thingy, which is super helpful in hearing the actual stories being told.

Our group was led into the first room, which is the inside of an inn, and the story telling starts pretty much immediately. From there, we’re being led into one room after the other, each built to re-create parts of the pilgrimage route, complete with figures of major characters. Everything is built quite well though looking a little worn, partially intentional, partially just normal wear and tear in an attraction that’s quite busy.

Different techniques of illustrating the different stories are used, from simple spotlights over stained glass windows and wood carvings to rotating figures and props. There are more modern ways to do this of course, with animatronics having come a long way even in the past few years, but this attraction’s style is so charming and archaic, it really suits the stories being told.

The Canterbury Tales seems to be very well kept, nothing was broken or in disrepair. Of course there was a large gift shop with overpriced tat at the end, but they also had mead tasting and some high quality merchandise.

Overall I think this attraction is worth the ticket price and definitely worth the visit.

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