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Canterbury River Tours

Canterbury River Tours
08 March 2017
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I took a trip to Canterbury with a small group of friends recently and we decided to do quite a bit of the tourist program. One of the obvious stops is a river boat tour! Such a cheesy cliché, had to be done! We picked a random time slot and were led down a few small foot paths to the moorings where we met our captain, who’s name I’m unfortunately struggling to recall, and took our seats in the boat.

During the ride up and down the river Stour, our guide told many stories about the history of the area and the buildings along the river. We had to duck under some bridges and tuck into corners to let other boats pass, though it was of course our captain doing all of the actual work.

He also had a lot of tidbits and anecdotes to entertain us and was quite funny.

As cheesy and touristy as this activity was, I actually enjoyed it.

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