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Escape From Alcatraz – Adventox

Escape From Alcatraz
04 March 2017
Adventox London
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

This is a sequel to Adventox – Mission X, as we did both rooms on the same night. After averting a missile being launched into London, we gave our feedback to the owners and were again really lucky in being offered to preview the second room, Alcatraz, after a short break.

This one has more of a thread or storyline than Mission X, which I prefer in escape games. But first things first!

We were split up into two cells, positioned opposite one another with a small corridor inbetween. The few items in the cells provided us with everything we needed to make our way to the guard room where even more puzzles waited for us.

There were again fresh concepts I hadn’t seen in any other escape room before and they were really well done with all props and items working perfectly. Some of the puzzles and clues are amazingly fun to work with! Some thrill elements and a sense of time pressure and secrecy add to the immense enjoyment of this room.

My whole team agreed that this room is the better of the two, even though both of them are really good. I can definitely recommend either one of them and am absolutely looking forward to their next game room!

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