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Enigma Quests – Million Pound Heist

Million Pound Heist
09 October 2016
Enigma Quests London
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another day, another escape room! Well, this one isn’t quite an escape room per se, it’s a bank heist! Which sounds even more fun if you ask me.

I already did Enigma Quests’ School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, which was amazing, so when they announced a kickstarter to finance this new room, I just had to jump on board. I got two beta tester games and rallied a cluster of friends to join me for this adventure.

The Million Pound Heist follows a relatively simple story, your team are a group of highly efficient criminals and you are breaking into the headquarters of a rival criminal organisation. Your objective is to get out with as much money as you possibly can.

To get to that point, you first have to find your way to their safe. The riddles and puzzles are not easy and require good team work and communication. There are logical connections and lots of clues, nothing seems too far fetched or unreasonable.

My team made their way to the safety deposit boxes in the safe quite well and it definitely felt like everyone had something to do and contribute.

We struggled a bit with the last part of actually cramming as much money as possible into our briefcase, we could have done with a little more patience and planning.

Overall, I absolutely love Enigma Quests’ approach of themed room adventures rather than breaking out and escaping in time. It gives a different perspective and makes the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

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