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08 October 2016
Arts Theatre
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I knew nothing but the title about this show going into it, so I had no expectations. I had been to the venue before though and have seen some interesting shows there. The stage was laid out like a youth bedroom with many classic punk touches, dirty clothes on the floor and posters on the walls.

The whole thing starts with Dario Coates’ character blaring the Sex Pistols and angrily dancing through the room.

What follows is a monologue dealing with insecurities, ambitions, relationships, dreams and coming of age. A whirlwind depiction of a young life in conflict with the world and itself.

A very engaging and energetically portrayed struggle that reflects self-doubt and helplessness as well as the romanticised nostalgia many adolescents (and adults) go through. At times a touch too loud, too aggressive, too challenging, yet thoroughly engaging until the last moment.

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