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Haunted Tube Walking Tour

Haunted Tube Walking Tour
06 October 2016
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

To get ready for Halloween festivities, I like to go to spooky events throughout London. This year one of my picks was the haunted tube walking tour offered through Funzing. The summary and reviews sounded great, so I was very much looking forward to hear about creepy stories from inside the tube network.

The Haunted Tube walking tour meets in Bethnal Green and tours a few stations from there. I don’t want to give any of the content away, so I won’t write about any of the specific stories that we were told about.

While I really liked the idea of this tour and enjoyed the stories’ content, I wasn’t impressed with the way the tour was held. Many of the ghost sighting stories were told close to where the ghosts were sighted, which is great, but as it was inside a busy tube network, it wasn’t always easy to hear everything.

I also feel the guide didn’t make enough of an effort to make sure everyone could hear his words and see the pictures he was showing around.

While it wasn’t a bad tour, it also wasn’t a good one.

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