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24 September 2016
The Yard Theatre
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

When we arrived at The Yard to see Pilgrims, we first explored the attached bar, which has a rotating resident chef programme. This week they had mostly bbq inspired paninis, which were delicious.

It’s quite a quirky space with very energetic staff and definitely worth a visit!

The theatre space is quite small and rustic, with wooden benches outfitted with pillows. I thought it was comfortable, but lots of the seating options didn’t have any backs to lean on, so for some people this might not be ideal. I’m sure they can accommodate seating needs when asked in advance though.

We grabbed some cozy seats towards the front, overlooking a quirky stage with jagged, uneven edges and irregular holes throughout.


The play itself is a relationship drama about ambition, support and compromise, told through a dizzying array of flashbacks and flash forwards, conversations and inner thoughts. At times it wasn’t super clear on what was future, what was past and what was now, but as the story unfolded it started making more sense.


Overall it was a great story told in an unusual way. I quite liked the artistic choices and great acting.

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