Burgrrbeast Pop Up

I was invited to a preview tasting of Burgrrbeast, so on a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon I made my way to north London to sample the scrumptiousness.

Apart from the great company and the fluffy, cuddly dogs, the afternoon was absolutely perfected with delicious fresh food.


I’m not a huge burger fan in general, but this one was absolutely sublime! Juicy and flavourful, served in a delicious fluffy bun with home made ketchup, cheese and pickles to taste, a delight for your mouth. I especially loved the bun, which was carefully selected from a variety of options to find the perfect shell for this brilliant burger, soft and fluffy and slightly pretzely.

Slaw and chips were served as sides, alongside a Chipotle mayonnaise, which was a bit too spicy for my taste, but again the home made ketchup more than made up for that.


I can definitely recommend Burgrrbeast burgers, so wherever they pop up next, make sure you grab one, or two, of their amazing burgers!

I’m rating this burrgrr five rainbow sloths!


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