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The Cats Of Clapham Common

The Cats Of Clapham Common
14 September 2016
Clapham Common Station
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service has taken over Clapham Common station with pictures of cats instead of ads.

I had to go and see this for myself!


What a great idea to give London commuters a little respite from the constant stream of ads to give a little serenity and happiness by looking at adorable cats instead.

It all starts right at the Oyster gates, which have been turned into cat flaps!

Numerous cats, most available for adoption through Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection UK, greet you on your way down the escalators.


And the tunnels towards the platform are littered with adorable cats looking out at you from white posters.


What a great idea and execution. I love that they opted for white background posters, they’re much more stylish and gorgeous than some of the gaudy, bright examples in the campaign.


Unfortunately the money raised wasn’t enough to also cover the platforms, those still had the regular ads all over them. But all in all a great project and well worth a visit! I hope these kind of campaigns get more popular and pervasive!

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