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Time Run – The Lance Of Longinus

The Lance Of Longinus
31 July 2016
Time Run London
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Time Run is a fantastic experience!
These people really have the immersive part of this business down. From the moment you arrive, they play their roles and get you into the mood. The actors were fantastic and the steampunky time travel theme is really well done.

Without giving anything away about the actual riddles and rooms, I can say that all rooms and props were really well done. Everything worked perfectly and the riddles were very straight forward with a good storyline. Solving everything in time is difficult, but doable with an experienced team.
We went with two teams, one team struggled with some of the puzzles and couldn’t finish the last few tasks in time. The other team made it out with 13 minutes to spare.

We had an amazingly fun time here, definitely one of the best escape rooms in London, would definitely recommend this for a more experienced team though at it is quite tricky.

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