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Omescape – The Penitentiary

The Penitentiary
26 June 2016
Omescape London
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

This new escape room company, Omescape, has it all figured out!

They’re offering three different rooms at different difficulty levels. We tried out the medium difficulty, The Penitentiary, first. The difficulty prediction seems pretty dead on, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

The staff was still a little insecure from what I could tell, but they had just started up the same month we went, so they probably didn’t have a chance to adjust yet. They walked us through the rules and gave us lights, notepads and walkie talkies. And boy did we need those! So definitely listen to the rules and everything, you’ll need to know what’s going on when it all gets started.

The Penitentiary is a fantastic escape room as you literally have to escape a prison. The riddles are good, but don’t follow a storyline and seem a bit random at times. They are however extremely fun to work on and all make sense in and of themselves even if some of them seemed a bit like a run-around that’s making sure you spend enough time in each room. Still, this room’s well thought out with top notch riddles and fantastic props and electronics. Everyone was kept busy at all times and found something to match their skillset.

There were no riddles or puzzles that seemed far fetched or unfinished and the rooms were very well designed and beautifully done. Everything was obviously still very new, so I hope the upkeep is great with this company, but from what I’ve seen, I’m definitely a fan!

A brilliant experience! If you’ve ever wanted to do a jail break type thing, this is it!

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