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Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Lady Chastity’s Reserve
13 May 2016
Handmade Mysteries London
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

This escape room by Handmade Mysteries is quite something! It was very enjoyable and really well done. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers in this review.

You can gather and chill in the Four Thieves pub downstairs and wait for Gabriel to find you. You’ll easily recognise him by his old timey garb and creepy stare. The pub is quite comfortable and large as well, so you can absolutely show up early and have a bite or drink before your game starts. Once it’s time, you’ll be led to the creepy backroom by Gabriel, your guide for the adventure.

This escape room has an actual storyline you have to follow, a bit like those classic adventure games. Randomly searching for clues isn’t as helpful as it is in many other escape rooms as only the storyline will help unlock and sort the clues, without the story it’s just a mess of items.

The room is really well done, very dark and moody, slightly creepy but not too scary. Decor and props are fantastically made, the room tends to get quite hot though, so be aware of that when you dress for the day. The clues and riddles make sense and are all solvable if you stay on track. It’s quite an intersting story too, there’s definitely not a dull minute with this one.

We managed to juuuuust finish the last item in the last minute, we lost a lot of time randomly searching for clues rather than following the story. Upon winning, you are rewarded with a bottle of Lady Chastity’s Reserve, which I am told is a rather mediocre wine. But it’s great to just win something, especially something that can be shared with the team!


Overall a really good experience, would definitely recommend this one!

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