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Locked In A Room With A Zombie

Locked In A Room With A Zombie
15 April 2016
Trapped London
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I organised a group of friends to fill all 12 slots for this escape room adventure. You can book individual tickets for this experience, but I figured a full group of friends would be perfect.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a young man in a lab coat who explained the rules while constantly breaking out in maniacal laughter, it set the mood really well.
Basically, this escape room ups the ante by adding a zombie! Every five minutes the zombie’s chain gets a foot longer, which means they can reach further into the room to chase you. If the zombie touches you, you’re out of the game.
So while you’re frantically trying to solve the riddles, a crazy zombie hunts you down, your adrenalin distracts your brain from finding the simplest solutions and everything is just way too exciting!

Some of the riddles were really hard to solve under the circumstances and some equipment malfunctioned on us (though the previously mentioned doctor helped us out at that point, I think the room could use a little renovation) but it was an insane amount of fun!
We managed to all escape with no zombified victims, so that was fantastic!

If you want to see your friends sweat and scream and test your friendship to its limits, this is the escape room for you! Wonderfully done and just so much fun!

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