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Mystery Cube

Mystery Cube
18 October 2016
Mystery Cube London
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The Mystery Cube is a fantastic escape room challenge that requires quite a bit of close team work to be solved.

I absolutely loved our experience with the Mystery Cube. It’s a bit out of the way from central London, but easily reached by Tube. Located in Wimbledon it’s easy walking distance from either South Wimbledon or Morden stations on the Northern Line. So don’t let the location put you off, it’s a real gem!

The theme is very well executed and the staff are great at introducing you to the concept. I can’t say too much about the actual puzzles and clues obviously, firstly because that would give all the fun parts away and secondly because the Mystery Cube erased my memory after our successful escape. It’s a thing it does, we’ve been told… I think… maybe…

Communication is absolutely key with this one, your team will need to work on different puzzles independently as well as together, so keep each other informed on what you’re doing, keep records of every clue you find and which ones you used to keep on top of everything. And most of all, don’t panic! Keep calm and keep working!

This was definitely a great experience, especially if you haven’t done many escape rooms yet and want to have a challenging introduction to the concept.

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