On Tuesday night, after an eventful day full of desserts and candy, Joanne from Love Popups London treated us to a big blogger and reviewer party at Two Ruba London Bridge, an events venue inside the Hilton hotel. A group of twenty of us was invited to try out their canapes as well as their ball pit!

Note that while I was given this experience free of charge, this does not influence my review of the event. This is not a paid ad.

TwoRuba is located inside the Hilton hotel, but is bookable independant of hotel rooms. So, if you’re looking for an event space for a small to medium sized event, read on!

We were welcomed very professionally with bubbles, wine and water on hand. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I asked for a mocktail, which was promptly delivered with adorable little strawberry hearts on top. Service is absolutely top noch at this venue! We had a reserved space by the window where the twenty of us could spread out, chat, and enjoy the canapes and drinks we were served.

We started off with fresh crab with coriander and chilli tostada, which wasn’t quite to my taste, but a nice flavour combination. The roast beed with salsa verde on crostinis was absolute perfection though, crunchy and soft, full of flavour.

To cater to dietary requirements, they replaced their mushroom arancini with tomato&cheese ones that were delicious and the perfect arancini size. Followed by a hummus board that I unfortunately didn’t get to try as it was on the other table.

At this point it became clear that the dietary requirements that were sent through to them beforehand were a bit much for them to handle. They struggled to clearly identify which canapes had which ingredients and didn’t provide many gluten free options.

Next up were Italian anti pasti boards with a selection of cured meats, olives, and marinated vegetables. This was probably my favourite from the evening, though I wish there would have been bread available with it.

We were also treated to pulled chicken sliders as well as the jackfruit version (vegan), both had a good amount of spice to them and tasted very fresh and well rounded. Our gluten free guest was eventually served a large mixed salad, which was great and helped recover some of the previous issues we had. Overall they really tried to make up for not getting all dietary requirements right the first time around, though I believe it could have been handled better from the start.

To finish our canape meal, we were treated to gooey soft lemon brulee, and crunchy fresh fruit skewers. Everything was so well presented, I do wish there would have been more of a theme though, the canapes offered just seemed like a bit of a pick n mix situation rather than a thought out menu.

After indulging in the food, the fun part of the night began! We had access to the large ball pit, which was of course an absolute highlight for me. The space is surrounded with leather seating around the entire pit and filled with an insane amount of balls. With a ginormous teddy bear and huge flamingo floaty thrown in the mix, it’s a fantastic space to have fun in.

There was definitely enough space for all twenty of us, with a little spare room for more. Of course, with a big gaggle of bloggers/reviewers/instagrammers, it turned unto a quest to capture the perfect selfie, boomerang, photo. We had so much fun along the way, though.

The ball pit is absolutely the best part of the venue! It can be booked in 1-hr slots and is so worth it. We had such a great time in this fun space, it was fantastic. I’d come back for the ball pit alone! Here’s some booking information on TwoRuba, if you’re looking to snag a space for your next party:

Overall, I had a lot of fun this night! The food was well presented and service was good. Unfortunately there were a few issues with dietary requirements, as stated above, that could have been handled better but were ironed out well in the end.

The price point seems quite reasonable for what you get, though I was a bit bothered by the ball pit being right next to the walking pass hotel residents had to take to get to the lifts, and patrons of the bar needed to use to head to the toilets. While there is a metal mesh curtain, it’s not exactly a private space.

Still, it’s a great party venue in the middle of London, so check it out if you get a chance! Four and a half out of six rainbow sloths from me.

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