Today I have been invited by Love Pop Ups London to try out the plant-based, vegan pizzeria Purezza in Camden, London. This fresh company serves up Italian classics with a modern twist, all their recipes are plant based and vegan, with many gluten-free and some raw food options as well.

This gorgeous restaurant is on a mission to make healthy food options as delicious and beautiful as possible. They hand make all their vegan cheeses in house, from their absolutely stunning brown rice mozzarella, over coconut and cashew cheeses, to a delectable tofu ricotta, everything is dairy-free and tasty.

We started out with courgetti spaghetti, a raw food dish made from courgette, creamy pesty, sundried tomatoes, and a vegan parmesan topping, as well as a gluten-free mac and cheese side dish. The pasta was a little on the chewy side, but the taste was absolutely spot on! With a cheesy, creamy sauce that cheese lover’s dreams are made of, this vegan dish packs an unexpected flavour punch.

With three bases to choose from, everyone can find their perfect pizza at Purezza! The classic sourdough crust is super fluffy and light with that tangy sourdough taste that pairs so perfectly with cheese. Unfortunately the middle of the pizza is a little soggy for my taste, but it’s the traditional Italian way, so this is not something I can fault the restaurant for. We also tried the hemp crust, which is a little more dense and savoury than the classic and pairs well with more flavourful toppings.

We tried the Cheesus, and the Couch Potato pizzas. The former comes with four different vegan cheeses on a tomato base, especially the huge dollops of ricotta are to die for! Personally, I found the yellow cheese a little too sticky in texture, almost like those fake cheese slices, but all other cheeses on this glorious pizza were amazing.

The potato pizza was more flavourful, with spiced Seitan cutlets, roast potatoes and smoked aubergine on a white base. I thought the toppings would have been more suited to a bbq style sauce, though it was a very delicious pizza as well! Paired with the pesto dip, it’s fantastic!

For dessert we had a beautifully creamy, plant-based creme brulee and a dense, rich chocolate brownie with vegan gelato. Both desserts were not too sweet and rounded off our meal just perfectly with rich flavour and delicate textures.

There is so much to choose from on the menu, and with many raw food and gluten free options, everyone is guaranteed to find something they like. And as another bonus, kids eat free at this restaurant!

We really enjoyed our beautiful meal and I can absolutely recomment this vegan pizzeria, it’s delicious! Five out of six rainbow sloths from me!

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