Clue Adventures – Book Of Secrets

I had the chance to try out The book of secrets at Clue Adventures, which sounded like just the right kind of adventure on a lovely day off work!

This room is themed around a magician who disappeared in 1999, we have to discover his secrets before is flat is demolished in exactly one hour. Based on this description I expected a lot of magic tricks involved in the puzzles in this room, and I absolutely was not disappointed.

The props and room design are a little on the very-obviously-home-made side, but very usable and in good condition. You can definitely tell that a lot of effort and care went into designing this room and giving it a coherent and interesting storyline, which is so much more important than some escape room designers seem to think.

From the start, we found logical games and clues to work on, with a few surprises along the way. Everything in this room seems well planned out and thought through and was so much fun to work on! Definitely one of the best  cohesive and immersive games I’ve played so far, with really fun little games alongside bigger challenges.

I really liked this room. It’s not one of the high-budget production rooms, but a fun experience with a more personal touch to it. Five out of six rainbow sloths from me!

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