WeFiFo and Peckham Manor at Louie Louie

I was lucky enough to be invited along to WeFiFo & Peckham Manor‘s Sunday Supper event at Louie Louie, courtesy of LovepopupsLondon. The listed menu looked fantastic, so I was very excited for this evening and invited BambiBlueChew along.

Immediately when we arrived, we were welcomed and offered jellied margarita shots, which we both had to decline as we do not drink/eat alcohol. The decor and sable settings in Louie Louie were very cozy and casual and we selected seats close to the door for good ventilation on a warm day. 

The cafe filled up quickly but didn’t feel overcrowded at all. It did get unpleasantly loud at times, mostly due to the background music being turned way up and a doggie excitedly barking for quite a while, but most of the time noise levels were okay. Unfortunately guests decided to stay in the groups they came in, so we didn’t get to meet any new people; the hosts were super friendly and welcoming though!

Our first appetizer was a modern take on pigs in blankets in the form of cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon on a bed of apple sauce with black pudding crumble. I thought this presentation was quite clever and scaled such a common dish up to a gourmet canapè.

The next starter was listed as a Bloody Mary oyster, ours came with celery (no alcohol, remember?) on a bed of salt. I really tried but just couldn’t get myself to try the oyster, I’m just not a seafood person, so I can’t really rate this dish at all.

The soup course more than made up for that though! Honey roast parsnip soup with sage salt and Paxo crumble, this may just have been the best soup I have ever eaten. Sweet and savoury perfectly balanced, smooth soup with chewy parsnip chunks and crunchy crumble on top, an absolute delight, this couldn’t have been improved in any way.

Next up, another sunday supper staple, the prawn cocktail. While I don’t enjoy most seafood, prawns are a total exception, so I was looking forward to this dish.

This take on the prawn cocktail is layered, starting with beautifully spiced avocado on the bottom, a few juicy prawns on top, then lettuce and sliced cucumber, more prawns and to top it off, a crumble crust made from spring onion, spices, bread crumbs, and prawn shells. Ronnie Murray, our chef for the night, explained that he likes to minimize wastage and reuse where ever possible, so he used all of the shells, heads, legs to make the crumble topping. I didn’t even know that you could eat prawn shells, chopped up and fried with spices and onions they are absolutely delicious!

For the main course we had, of course, a Sunday roast. Neeps, mini taters, charred beef cooked to perfection, and a Yorkshire pudding. The potatoes were a bit on the crispy side, I know it’s a very traditional way to prepare them but I found them to be too dry and tasteless, I definitely prepare salt potatoes or baked ones. The neeps and Yorkie were good, but not outstanding. The beef however was absolutely sublime! Juicy and flavourful, we were given wild garlic butter with the meat and it complemented it so well with a buttery, garlicky, slightly bitter taste.

And finally, the crowning glory of any supper, sticky toffee pudding! This one came with ice cream and toffee sauce with a scoop of ice cream. The pudding itself was baked like a muffin to create the perfectly baked base, then it was soaked in the toffee sauce. To again avoid wastage, the muffin tops were crumbled and mixed into the sauce and ice cream. And while this concoction was absolutely delicious, it was just a tiny bit too sweet and absolutely too much after such an opulent meal, so unfortunately I couldn’t quite finish it.

Overall, this was a fantastic meal with re-imagined supper staples and surprising twists on traditional foods. I absolutely enjoyed it and can recommend Peckham Manor for all your dining needs.

I’m rating this great WeFiFo event five out of six rainbow sloths. 

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