Fool For Love

Surprisingly, I had never heard of the Found111 venue, so it was a bit of a challenge to find. We kept walking past the door, which is very clearly marked, so I’m not sure how we kept missing it. Our lost wandering did lead to a fun chat with the door security person though, so there’s that.

The venue itself used to be a college and there are lots of steps surrounding an old lift. It has a bit of a disused/haunted vibe to it, which I thought was brilliant.

Fool for love is a very intimate, emotional play. I was sucked in by the intensity of the actors and the simple effectiveness of the stage design.

The play itself a was jarring and surprising look at the entanglements of relationships and left a slightly bitter aftertaste, in a good way. It definitely makes you think.

The small, intimate setting with this personal feeling play really resonated with me. I’d definitely recommend giving Fool for Love a go and am rating it four out of six rainbow sloths.

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