Stranger Eats

For a friend’s birthday, we ended up in the Old Queens Head in Islington. The pub is quite quirky, with rustic and homey elements like antlers and wood paneling, interspersed with interesting and even macabre items like random skulls (they couldn’t tell me whether they were real or not) and taxidermy animals in fancy dress.

It’s definitely a cozy, fun location with great staff! They also have a reasonably priced karaoke room upstairs, if that’s your jam.

What we didn’t know, they had a Stranger Things themed menu at the time! So exciting! Even a burger-disliker like me had to try it out. Extra points for all the punny names. The upfried down was probably my favourite name!

I ordered the Eggo waffle burger as a friend in Canada had introduced me to the unimaginably delicious Eggo Sandwich (two Eggo waffles, Nutella on one, peanut butter on the other, thick layer of melted cheddar in the middle, sounds weird but tastes like heaven) and I figured it would be similar.

The waffles weren’t actual Eggo brand waffles, but other than that it was absolute perfection! Sweet, savoury, crunchy, gooey, chewy, juicy, everything rolled together! The melted cheese and sticky jam complemented the waffles and melted the peanut butter, all of this gooey goodness wrapped around a juicy beef patty, food heaven!

Everyone else seemed happy with their orders too and I’m in love with the Eggo burger, so I’m rating this one a full six out of six rainbow sloths!

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