Heddon Street Kitchen

As part of Yelp‘s community programme, I was invited to a special breakfast celebration at Heddon Street Kitchen. We had a beautiful upstairs space reserved for our large group and were welcomed very warmly by the staff.

After a few drinks, we were introduced to the way the kitchen works with a fantastic demonstration by one of the chefs. He explained how they created dishes and showed us the step by step of one of their most popular brunch dishes. The kitchen is open downstairs, so you can watch the chefs at work while you wait for your food!

Back upstairs, we started off eith vanilla yogurt with berries and granola, in a shot glass as we were sampling a variety of foods and were treated to taster portions of each.

The yogurt wasn’t too sweet and the crunchy granola balanced the textures very well. Next up were house baked croissants and pain au chocolat, I don’t think I even have to mention how delicious these are when they’re still warm.

Then we were given warm crumpets with honeycomb and a cinnamon mascarpone, which is absolutely delicious. I love honeycomb and cinnamon, so this was a perfect treat for me.

After that we moved on to some more hearty breakfast options, starting with smashed avocado, poached egg, vine tomato chutney, feta, all stacked on a fresh quinoa sourdough! As a sourdough lover, I especially enjoyed the bread, chewy and crunchy in all the right spots!

It was then time for a sweetcorn and green chilli fritter with red pepper relish, avocado, and creme fraiche. Not my personal favourite as the flavours just didn’t seem to mesh that well, but others in our group were delighted with this creation.

Lastly, we were treated to a warm, fresh baked raspberry and almond bread with vanilla butter. The vanilla butter was an absolute highlight, soft and creamy and not too sweet!

Overall, I loved this experience. From the scrumptious food to the wonderful treatment by the staff, everything was just perfect.

I’d definitely come back for breakfast and am rating this a solid five out of six rainbow sloths!

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