London’s Longest Dinner Party

I was lucky enough to be invited to London’s Longest Dinner Party, 100 courses served over an entire day. The spot I snagged was for the first 9 lunch courses. As we arrived a bit early, I was lucky enough to taste the last brunch course being served, a scotch quail egg on a risotto base, which was a delicious taster of what was to come!


La Belle Assiette organised this intimate even, which was set in a kitchen, with seats arranged around the kitchen island so we could watch the chefs prepare the dishes and chat with them about the inspiration and process behind their creations.


Our section of the 100 course menu was created by chefs Zoe McReynolds and Christopher White, both of whom can be hired as personal chefs.

We started off with Lardo and pickles. I had never heard of Lardo before, it’s surprisingly good. Slightly salty and very smooth, served with a selection of mild pickled vegetables. It was a scrumptious start to the nine course menu we were going to go through.


Next up, crab linguine! I’m no fan of sea food in general and had never tried crab before, so was a tad reserved about this one. However, I’m a huge fan of pasta dishes and quite an adventurous eater, so I had to taste it at least.

While the taste of crab is not as unpalatable as most sea food, it’s not quite my thing.


The third dish on our menu was beef with bone marrow and horse radish. As a beef aficionado I was very excited for this course and the beef did indeed turn out to be perfectly cooked and amazingly tender with  luscious marrow and unusually mild horse radish. Everything was pulled together with a delicate gravy and made a stunnigly delicious dish! Definitely one of my favourites of the day.


Lots of bubbly was served throughout the session, but as I don’t imbibe, I can’t offer an opinion on the different varieties served.


Next up, duck with fig and coats curd. Duck, fig and goat is a common combination because they are just so good together, this one is no exception. The goats curd lacked flavour and the fig was quite tart rather than sweet, so this dish didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Followed up with a Jerusalem artichoke risotto, which just wasn’t quite up my alley. It was creamy and delicate, but the flavours simply didn’t suit my preferences. 


The following  Venison with parsnip packed a punch of savoury goodness. The gamey Venison paired with the smooth parsnip perfectly and the crunchy fried onions were absolutely dreamy!


Up next was the first dessert course, terragon pana cotta. Upon first reading, that seems quite contradictory, so we chatted to our chef about the inspiration behind this. Turns out it’s a very popular flavour combination. The mild, herby tarragon flavour enhances the subtle sweetness of the panna cotta and they go so well together!


Quince fool was up next. Looks like a mess, tastes delicious! I especially loved the tartness of the quince combined with the caramel brittle.


And to end our adventure, one tiny chocolate petit fours made with gloriously dark chocolate. I always prefer the more bitter, smoother dark chocolate over sweeter ones, so this one was a delight to end on.

Everyone involved in this event was very enthusiastic and super accommodating, I enjoyed the company as much as the amazing food. Overall I’m rating this four and a half rainbow sloths!

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